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MorAmp solution for micromobility is composed of four segments: hardware, firmware, cloud and mobile app.

Electronics for micromobility

A complete solution for small vehicles working out of the box without additional configuration procedures. Can be combined freely and integrated with any motor, battery pack or vehicle on the market.


Intelligent Communication


MorAmp iCU together with MorAmp Cloud provides a full-fledged solution for fleet management and vehicle sharing companies, giving a complete set of tools necessary for vehicle management and security.

  • complete remote control over the vehicle
  • location tracking by multi GNSS: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou
  • multi-band LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage

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  • vehicle / business logic via Micro Python (one of MorAmp OS features)
  • Over The Air update (OTA)
  • CAN 2.0b / UAVCAN / UART / RS-232 / RS-485 / I2C / 1-Wire
  • real-time diagnostics
  • immobilizer control (locking / unlocking, authorization)
  • lights adjustment
  • built-in gyroscope and accelerometer for in-depth analysis like road type detection, road quality, crash detection
  • SD card data logging
  • backup power supply


Intelligent Motor


A motor controller for BLDC and PMSM motors designed for electric vehicles up to 4kW like electric bicycles, power electric bicycles, electric kickscooters and mopeds.

  • BLDC and PMSM motors
  • maximum voltage 75V, max. current 80A
  • sine, trapezoid and FOC motor control
  • field weakening support
  • Hall and sensorless motor control

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  • real-time motor auto-calibration and load optimization
  • real-time motor parameters diagnostics
  • sensing temperature, RPM, vibrations, magnetic fields stability
  • fully customizable power profiles
  • different ride modes: acceleration, max. distance
  • intelligent thermal management
  • regenerative braking


Intelligent Battery
Management System


A superior quality and reliable Battery Management System for all Li-Ion, Li-Po chemistries and variable cell configuration up to 14 cells in series suitable for small electric vehicles.

  • designed for battery packs up to 14S, 60V, 75A (peak)
  • passive balancing
  • protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, over temperature undervoltage and under temperature

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  • EN 50604-1 ready
  • intelligent SoC / SoH estimation
  • multi-point temperature monitoring
  • stackable architecture
  • advanced SoH monitoring
  • independent charging input
  • +12V or +5V output
  • CAN / UART / LIN / RS-485 communication
  • storage mode: < 50uA consumption
  • FLASH memory for data logging
  • charging process monitoring and recording
  • soft start circuit
  • offline monitoring and recording of shock events / over temperature and other

IIOT solution

Big Data analytics with predictive maintenance and intelligent business analytics, functional dashboards with clear data visualization, both for B2B and the end-users gives a complete fleet management solution. White-label mobile and web apps.

Cloud Platform

  • receiving and interpreting data from device and vehicle sensors
  • remote software updates
  • resistance to hacker attacks thanks to multi-level access control, encryption of server disks and cryptographic algorithms protecting communication
  • simple integration with third-party software (mobile apps, CRMs, etc.)

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  • event-driven, extremely fast communication with the vehicle and its components
  • convenient API interface allowing to download data from the sensors and easily manage any specific vehicle
  • a scalable solution designed to support any number of devices and vehicles
  • installation on client's servers (on-premise) or using other cloud solutions in the SaaS model
  • generating reports on the use of devices / vehicles
  • real-time information on the use of vehicles and its' condition
  • full compliance with the GDPR / GPRD1
  • predictive maintenance, a platform designed to extend with multiple data analytic algorithms

Mobile App

  • white-label / Android and iOS support
  • safety: crash detection, emergency calls, reporting of the current position to other users
  • routes: preparing, saving and sharing
  • progress: when passing the same routes, data is gathered and compared to previous trainings and other to users' achievements

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  • analytics: by checking parameters of the routes, the app rates and proposes new routes with similar properties
  • 3rd party integration: in case you'd want to add custom information to the application, you're free to do it
  • vehicle control: power assist profiles, lights, sound, lock & unlock
  • vehicle statistics
  • encrypted communication with MorAmp Cloud and iCU
  • minimalistic and intuitive UI
  • Bluetooth or data connection with ebike through MorAmp Cloud
  • advanced electronics diagnostics, predictive maintenance status report


MorAmp gives you a device with functionalities you precisely request - in no time.
Our hardware design process consists of assembling standalone building blocks without wasting space or unnecessary components.

MorAmp building blocks

A building block is a functional unit, which can’t be broken down into smaller units and serves a certain purpose, for example:

  • microcontroller
  • Bluetooth
  • battery passive balancing (14S)
  • LTE (4G) modem

MorAmp modules

Modules are based on the comprehensive analysis the most common use cases and required features were identified, like:

  • radio communication
  • BLDC motor driver
  • battery management
  • power supply

The ultimate hardware solution consists of selected modules joined by reliable board-to-board connectors. This process ensures extremely short time-to-market for custom solutions.

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