What we offer

A complete solution for electric vehicles


  • up to 200V and 250A
  • packs can be either spot welded or can be made “detachable” by other means
  • temperature sensors for each cell
  • different form-factors of cells used: 18650, 21700 or prismatic
  • cell chemistry suited for a specific need
  • Communication

  • smartphone communication with user data, mode selection
  • lights adjustment
  • anti-theft protection
  • localization
  • notifications
  • firmware updates
  • Digital I/O

  • digital I/O support increases the safety:
  • does not allow for electric punch-through or short-circuits which may lead to uncontrolled selection of max. speed without user’s input
  • possibility of additional sensors, e.g. remote temperature sensors for tires, battery, cooling system
  • tilt sensor/handlebar rotation sensor
  • BMS

  • charging management
  • overcharge and overdischarge protection
  • battery health monitoring
  • smart balancing algorithms
  • Motor controllers

  • selection of the control algorithm: sinusoidal, trapezoidal or FOC (field-oriented control)
  • voltage and electric current adjusted according to your requirements, range: 24V – 60V and up to 60A
  • End-to-end solutions

  • selection of the control algorithm: sinusoidal, trapezoidal or FOC (field-oriented control)

  • How we work

    We blend mindblowing technology into YOUR design


    We learn what your product needs are and offer our improvements.


    We carry out research and write a technological report to choose the best solution. Solution features and costs are consulted with you.

    Project plan

    We plan implementation step by step and provide you with clear visual timeline of your project creation.

    and trial run

    We launch prototype production. After series of tests we deliver a final, fully functional prototype.


    We carefully select the best suppliers that guarantee quality and amazingly short delivery time.

    Your product
    is ready

    Do you already have new ideas? Let’s start a next project.

    At each stage of the process, we keep in touch with you in case you need any assistance or insight into the technological aspects
    of your project.

    Our skills

    We are living in the future and we try to bring
    the best of it to the present

    MorAmp team is a gang of geeks, nerds, hackers or simply speaking - people who care about the state of the technology. Some time ago, during our previous assignments we realised
    that there is no comprehensive, easy-to-use ecosystem
    for electromobility. We simply decided to build it ourselves.

    low-level programming
    high-level programming
    electronic engineering
    mechanical engineering
    technology research
    CNC machining
    big data

    Our team

    We are professionals in the areas of IT, electronics, design and technology research


    Chief Executive


    Chief Technology


    Head of
    Business Development


    vice CEO


    Chief Mechanical


    Head of
    Embedded Software


    Head of


    Head of

    Our products

    As an R&D lab focused on electromobility, we are working on an entire solution
    and we offer our solutions in tiers.

    low power

    up to 1kW

    mid power

    up to 15kW

    high power

    up to 50kW


    Get a sneak peek at our work!


    Researches completed


    Prototypes built


    Designs completed


    Burnt PCBs

    Solution features

    Driver focus

    Show your best performance in every conditions.

  • traction control
  • ABS
  • pavement mode
  • Security

    Don’t worry about potential threats. You have technology on your side.

  • fingerprint scanner
  • anti-theft camera
  • automated diagnostic system with instant notifications
  • Connection

    Track and share your results. Keep in touch with the world. Go cloud.

  • user’s mobile application
  • GPS, GSM, Bluetooth modules
  • cloud managed after sales & warranty services
  • Smart BMS

    Cutting-edge technology taking care of your device.

  • modifiable charging algorithms
  • hardware current protection
  • battery health reports
  • Usability

    Do it your way. It’s your vehicle.

  • removable trunk
  • variable wheel base
  • reverse gear mode
  • Frequently asked questions

    If your question is not listed down here, don't hesitate to contact us

    Why is MORAMP any different from other manufacturers?

    Every piece of hardware, every line of code, everything we make is top quality. We will work closely with both Polish and foreign partners to strengthen the ties and to foster local R&D and manufacturing. Only quality components inside our products. Quality is what matters.

    What does plug-in system mean?

    Our in-house developed state-of-the-art ecosystem encompasses a fully-fledged solution for e-bikes and other electric vehicles. The system includes a motor controller, battery management system, battery pack (which can fit inside a bike frame), charger as well as onboard computer to gather data and connect to the peripherals (e.g. Bluetooth, GPS, GSM). We do all the hard work of communicating the modules so that a manufacturer can seamlessly integrate the electronics without any worry. We can also add and develop other modules given consumer’s needs.

    Will MORAMP solution work with my motor?

    It is almost 100% sure that it will... and if not, we'll make it work! We have tested our ecosystem on almost all motors on the market. Thanks to our own motor testing equipment, we can adjust and scale all the parameters to fit your needs.

    How do you ensure safety of your products?

    We make sure that all our products are tested under ISO/EC standards.

    What are your plans for future development?

    Smart technology for EVs is a must on the market, we want to develop to be able to apply it also to bigger vehicles and hopefully start introducing it to flying units as well, why should sky be the limit?